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Memoirs, Faith & Church Leadership

Banned Questions Series 

Christian Piatt had a Bible (literally) thrown at him when he was kicked out of his youth group for asking too many questions about God, about Jesus, and about the Christian faith that he would end up running from for much of his life. He’s not alone: today, more people than ever before are defecting from religion, citing years of hypocrisy and abuse. Having painstakingly regained his faith–but on his own terms–Piatt is the best possible person to reconcile what Christianity claims to be, with what it’s intended to be.


In postChristian, Piatt demonstrates how we can take the “Christian vices” inherent in our religion–such as pride, unquestioning certainty, and judgment–and transform them into “Christian virtues”–humility, faith, and mercy–in both sermon and practice. He demonstrates that it’s not just the “sinner” who needs redemption, but Christianity itself–and redemption is only possible once we start admitting that we are both faithful and also flawed. With searing honesty and razor sharp wit, Piatt shows us that it’s not always what you believe that matters most to the world, but how you live your beliefs out. Order the book here. 




What would happen if scientists were to take blood samples from ancient relics of Jesus’ crucifixion and extract the DNA in order to create a clone?


The self-proclaimed antagonist, God nerd and author, Christian Piatt, has been intrigued by this very idea for some time. After researching and talking with geneticists, Piatt came up with the concept for his debut novel, Blood Doctrine, which is to be the first in a series.


Blood Doctrine begins during a tense moment in a closed off room with a woman having complications during childbirth. With no care about the woman giving birth, the doctors are told by a man from a group known only as “The Project” that the baby is all that matters...


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This latest book in the insightful and entertaining Banned Questions series addresses 50 questions about Christians that many of us have wondered regarding hell, sprinkle vs. dunk baptism, gay and lesbian issues in ministry, the inconsistencies of communion, the multitude of denominations, God’s allowance of suffering in the world, and more. 

This is a great addition to your Banned Questions library as you (or your study group) ponder the questions many have wanted to ask and few were brave enough to answer. 


Contributors include:


  • Bart Campolo 

  • Brian Ammons 

  • Carol Howard Merritt 

  • Christian Piatt 

  • Doug Pagitt 

  • Hugh Hollowell 

  • Jonathan E.L. Brooks


This is the third in the Banned Book series. Look for Banned Questions about the Bible and Banned Questions about Jesus.


  • Margot Starbuck 

  • Matthew Paul Turner 

  • Phil Jackson 

  • Phil Shepherd 

  • Phil Snider 

  • Sean Gladding 

  • Two Friars and a Fool


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